Forward-looking architecture

In its prime West End location, this style-defining residential building is a love letter to urban life in the growing and vibrant Frankfurt-am-Main metropolis.

THE FLAGSHIP opens up the space in front of its rounded “bow” with its prominent and brilliant natural stone-faced facade. Its formally perfect metropolitan presence is inspired by the urban chic of Art Deco.

As a freestanding corner building, the elegant new structure blends harmoniously into the existing ensemble of the 19th century mansions and contemporary facades that characterise the ambience of Liebigstraße and Staufenstraße.

As a generously proportioned, full-windowed townhouse with spacious loggias and terraces, THE FLAGSHIP is the perfect place for sophisticated individual living in a prime location.

Authority meets style

Borrowing from the design language of Art Deco, the geometric facade is authoritative and dominant while achieving elegance and lightness. The harmonious design of the facade and the ceiling-high windows give THE FLAGSHIP a bright, friendly appearance. Selected materials such as iridescent clinker elements and the sleek wooden surrounds of the windows and doors emphasise the bright colouring and the comfortably elegant atmosphere of this charismatic building. The development has been thoughtfully and intensively planted from all four cardinal points to create an outstanding location that is second to none.